31 05 2011

The lonely guy. D5000. DF52mm. f/9, 1/40. ISO 200

Because today I feel generous, here it goes two postcards for the price of one. The place is one of the most well-known of Edinburgh…  Lee el resto de esta entrada »


(EDINBURGH): 2nd ‘Spanish Revolution’

24 05 2011

Spanish Flag. D5000. DF18mm. f/8, 1/200. ISO 640

The pictures, from my point of view, of the second ‘Spanish Revolution’ in Edinburgh from last 22th of May, which started in St Giles cathedral and finished in front of the Parlament building. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

(EDINBURGH): First ‘Spanish Revolution’

22 05 2011

The Spanish Revolution. D5000. DF21mm. f/7.1, 1/200. ISO 200

My photos of the first Edinburgh – Friday 20th of May 2011- demonstration in solidarity with the movement which started in Spain called ‘The Spanish Revolution’. Tomorrow, Sunday 22th, will be again to support the movement and with the camera to take new photos which will be added in the blog in a new post. Regards. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

[PORTRAITS]: Multiple Self-portrait

17 05 2011

Tooodos locos. D5000. DF11mm. f/2.8, 1/6. ISO 400

Today I open a new section of the blog, ‘Portraits’. With the purpose of improve my skills in this area I’ll start to update more people photography very soon. So far, I could afford to start only with this crazy model, if someone is interested for the future…

Regards everybody. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

[POSTALES]: Unconditional Love

11 05 2011

Unconditional Love. D5000. DF300mm. f/5.6, 1/250. ISO 560

…A picture is worth a 1000 words…

…Una imagen vale más que 1000 palabras…

[POSTALES]: Juegos de niños – Child’s games

27 04 2011

Child's games. D5000. DF220mm. f/5.3, 1/500. ISO 500

Boy running and playing around at the Botanic Garden of Edinburgh

[POSTALES]: Carioca

3 04 2011

Durban's fishermen. D5000. DF55mm. f/18, 1/60. ISO 200

Pescadores de Dunbar.

Dunbar’s fishermen.