(SCOTLAND): Dunbar

7 06 2011

Seaweed (TM). D5000. DF24mm. f/5, 1/800. ISO 200

Dunbar, town in East Lothian on the southeast coast of Scotland, approximately 28 miles east of Edinburgh. Lee el resto de esta entrada »



31 05 2011

The lonely guy. D5000. DF52mm. f/9, 1/40. ISO 200

Because today I feel generous, here it goes two postcards for the price of one. The place is one of the most well-known of Edinburgh…  Lee el resto de esta entrada »

(EDINBURGH): 2nd ‘Spanish Revolution’

24 05 2011

Spanish Flag. D5000. DF18mm. f/8, 1/200. ISO 640

The pictures, from my point of view, of the second ‘Spanish Revolution’ in Edinburgh from last 22th of May, which started in St Giles cathedral and finished in front of the Parlament building. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

[POSTALES]: Unconditional Love

11 05 2011

Unconditional Love. D5000. DF300mm. f/5.6, 1/250. ISO 560

…A picture is worth a 1000 words…

…Una imagen vale más que 1000 palabras…

[POSTALES]: Luna de medianoche – Midnight moon

18 04 2011

Midnight moon. D5000. DF300mm. f/9, 1/80. ISO 200

Así lucía la luna de Edimburgo un día 18 de abril de 2011. Salir a probar mi nuevo “juguete” adquirido hace un par de días puede convertirse en una nueva y sorprendentemente bella experiencia.

That’s how Edinburgh’s moon looked 18th of April 2011. Going out to test my new ‘toy’ got a couple of days ago could turn out in a new and surprisingly beautiful experience. 

[POSTALES]: Carioca

3 04 2011

Durban's fishermen. D5000. DF55mm. f/18, 1/60. ISO 200

Pescadores de Dunbar.

Dunbar’s fishermen.

(SCOTLAND): Colored or black an white North Berwick?

30 11 2010

Playa rocosa (HDR). Nikon D5000. DF22mm. f/4.5. ISO 200

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